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Implemented Subsequence Automation Solutions

Technologies used:


Our Client’s group of companies helps physicians save time in their medical practices while improving both quality of care and business outcomes. Founded by a practicing physician and his patient, a successful software entrepreneur, the company tried a dramatically different approach when developing their electronic health records (EHR) systems.

Our Client helps doctors get work done faster and get out of the office sooner, because every minute matters—in their medical practice and in patients’ life.
Their EHR platforms reach into multiple medical verticals such as Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, or Plastic Surgery.

Our client set out to revolutionize EHR through the introduction of an easy to use, intuitive, iPad-based system that allows doctors to perform their consultations in a much faster way, and a visual guide that replaces the old charts. Their technology executives quickly realized a different approach was needed to deliver a strong value proposition to the healthcare market.

Solution & Results

Selected solution: Integration of our Client’s software and mobile solutions with other existing systems was key to their go-to-market strategy. Our team successfully integrated their EHR solutions through APIs with payment providers, multiple platforms for health data exchange (using Redux), and with the MERT platform (transforming XML/JSON into HL7 Coding and ICD-10 Codes). Implemented features included payment dashboard and key metrics, multiple payment processing methods (card chip, swipe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay), and on-time payment scheduling with the ability to store encrypted card information on file for automatic billing.

Select results: Our team proactively implemented 2 subsequence automation solutions: transitioning from Ivy to Maven (bringing 70% more stability, 57% faster build time, and better dependency management) and then to Gradle (bringing 300% speed increase to local builds and 2,000% for CI builds).

Technologies used:


– Java
– Spring
– Angular